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Social Media Can Protect Reputations


There are two reasons for a company or brand to make use of social media.  The first, and most obvious, is to increase interest in their services and products and to build brand recognition and loyalty.  But there is a more important role that social media can take, that of reputation protection.

In the digital age, with so many people connected using mobile devices, the reputation of a brand becomes even more fragile. There is less and less down time — time when consumers and media are out of touch with each other, with the brand, with any person who chooses to complain.… Read the rest

Sports Teams Need PR Experts


New media means that there are more and more outlets for fans, critics, and newsmakers to get information about sports teams and individual players.  While it may no longer be possible to control the media in the same way, it is still crucial that sports organizations have experienced public relations professionals helping them navigate the media stream.

Best Foot Forward

New media brings new competition to sports.  Small towns that used to have the local high school football team as the only entertainment option on Friday night are now competing with cable sports packages, pay-per-view events, and even live streaming of sports from all around the world. … Read the rest

H&R Block Answers Turbo Tax


As the 2013 tax season began, tax preparation companies H&R Block and TurboTax take their heated feud over social media. TurboTax, made by Intuit, offers desktop and online software while H&R Block has tax offices in addition to online software programs.

The feud started when TurboTax launched a series of commercials meant to criticize tax return storefront services like those offered by H&R Block. The ads showed customers shocked to find out that their storefront tax preparers were just part-timers and worked as a store attendant and a plumber.… Read the rest

Customer Management is the Key to Reputation


You’ve heard the phrases and sayings; “the customer is always right,” and “good customer service is key.” Some sales jobs make that their mantra, almost saying it robotically as if to remind themselves every single day that it is true and must be followed. And they are right, of course, but it’s not quite that simple.

Great customer service is built up to do two major things, above all else: (1) provide your current customers with wonderful service and feedback on products they have already purchase, and (2) allow a venue for potential future customers to see your reputation, see how you handle and manage customers, and be impressed enough to be convinced to buy your products because of your service.… Read the rest

6 Major Corporate PR Mistakes


As long as corporations have been marketing products and selling consumer goods, there has been a need for public relations to interact with their customers and steer brand discussions. And just as long as public relations have existed, there’s been mistakes made in communicating with customers. Here are just a few of the more recent public relations snafus corporations have made:

Netflix… or Qwikster

In 2011, Netflix forced a new pricing structure on their customers and decided to separate their DVD offerings from their streaming, calling the new DVD-only service Qwikster.… Read the rest

Disney, DUI and Reputation Management


Many celebrities get into trouble with the law.  It seems like there is a constant parade of young, and not so young stars getting their mugshots taken and then appearing in all the entertainment news reports.  This creates headaches for the star’s PR handlers.

Recently 20 year old Mitchell Mussa a star of the Hannah Montana series alongside Miley Cyrus was arrested in California on suspicion of DUI.  He failed to stop when initially pulled over.  He had a field sobriety test along with a breathalyzer.  Now this was a massive headache for the Disney Channel as he was underage and his blood alcohol level was over 0.08% the legal limit. … Read the rest

The Importance of Customer Service in Any Field


Providing excellent customer service is an extremely important aspect of any business. And this is true whether you deal directly with your consumer, or whether or not you’re providing a product or actual service. There are many fields that overlook this essential aspect of their social relationship commitment, and this can hurt not only their overall reputation but in today’s extremely competitive market, it can also end up making or breaking you. And what could be more frustrating than after having invested thousands of dollars and an equal number of hours and energy into your life dream only to realize it’s all gone up in smoke due to lousy customer service from your staff.… Read the rest

Choosing the right type of Advertising for your Business


As a business owner you may be wondering if you need to advertise. Or, what type and how much advertising might be optimal for you. Choosing the right type of Advertising for your Business can be a confusing and overwhelming process, but if done correctly it can be a key factor in your business’ success or failure. Whether owners realize it or not, all businesses use some sort of advertising, because even word of mouth is a form of advertising. If it gets your name out there then it is advertising.… Read the rest

Reputation, Marriage, and Vegas Law


For many years now, the phrase “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,” has moved along from an advertising slogan to allure tourists to a cliche for situation comedies in Hollywood. There have been more than enough celebrities who have found their way into this famed desert city, married, then unmarried, to attest there is actually little truth to the phrase. If not careful with your own reputation, even here, you might find yourself in need of a Las Vegas lawyer.

In the case of quick marriages, most people are aware of Britney Spears’ fast and furious arrangement to tie the knot to Jason Allen Alexander (admittedly fewer people may recall the groom) at the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Strip, just about a half mile past the Stratosphere Hotel.… Read the rest

The Importance of a Good Lawyer


When handling any sort of legal issues it is important that you hire the best possible lawyer available.  A good lawyer will be able to properly represent you and should be able to help you reach the outcome you are looking for. Legal problems or dilemmas are not something you want to handle on your own or without representation.

When looking to hire a lawyer, you will want to look for reputable law firms in your area. Finding a firm that is hard working, diligent and one that cares about you as a client is very important to your success in court.… Read the rest